Wall Remote Control – 4 Button

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Stylish and convenient. The 4 button Wireless Wall Switch can be mounted in any indoor location without the need to run expensive wiring. The switch can control multiple opener functions and can even be unhooked from its mounting and carried around.

Superlift WTX4 is a 433.92MHz, 4-channel wall-mount remote device utilizing Microchip Hopping Code KEELOQ® technology, providing highest possible security to your garage and premises.

Input Voltages: 12V DC
Operational Voltages: 12V DC

Main Markets

Europe, Israel, USA, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Middle East


All Superlift Garage Door Openers


Able to operate up to 4 different Superlift products

Special Features

  • ASK / FSK Type
  • Can be hung or fixed onto the wall
  • Also available in a two button version.

Supplying & Servicing Australia-Wide