Universal Receiver (Large)

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Add a Superlift RXU-3 Universal Receiver to any of your existing home automation or burglar alarm systems and enjoy the convenience of total control in the palm of your hand. Superlift universal receivers, which can hold up to 384 transmitters, feature 12~24V AC or DC input and normally closed and normally open outputs making them compatible with virtually and existing system.

The universal receiver can store up to 384 individual transmitter codes in 16 individual compartments. All 384 codes may be stored in one compartment or the codes may be evenly or unevenly distributed amongst all or some of the compartments. To take full advantage of the system, in high volume situations, the owner of each transmitter should be logged into a particular compartment. Then, if a transmitter is lost, it will only be necessary to delete the codes from that particular compartment rather than total number of the codes held in the receiver.

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