Roller Door Opener SDO-3

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Push the button, drive in, secure and convenient. You are home.

SDO-3 has an upgraded automatic reverse and stop system. When set correctly, minimal force is required to automatically reverse the door when closing, preventing injury to your family and damage to your property.

Enhance your safety feature by choosing Photo Electric Beams. Optional PE Beams will ensure your door reverses before it touches an obstruction when the beam is broken. These are the ultimate in safety if you have small children and pets.

Secure Remote Controls
SDO-3 has a new remote. The modern tear drop shaped hand transmitter is classy and secure. Rolling code technology generates over 4.2 billion code combinations changing each time you use your remote, making it almost impossible to copy.

Included with your SDO-3 is our Wireless Wall Switch. This neat remote is made to the same standards as our hand transmitter. The outside casing blends in with your homes light switches and power points. No more wires dangling from the walls and ceilings and does not look out of place in your garage or inside walls.

Easy Set up

SDO-3 set up is now fully electronic. All functions are now set up from our easy to read display and set buttons. Travel limits, sensitivity and more can all be set electronically. Each door is different, and this set up system let’s SDO-3 be adjusted for your door.

Easy Installation
SDO-3 has three installation brackets for more options and greater stability. Finding the correct mounting point is now easy with our twist on bracket. The bracket can be moved anywhere on the rail to pick up a mounting point on the ceiling. We also include the traditional perforated angle bracket for those installations needed at the motor head.

Enhanced Features
SDO-3 has some great features. A quiet but powerful 24V DC motor that allows the electronics to soft start and soft stop the door. Making the door and opener operate much quieter with less wear and tear. An optional automatic close function when used with PE Beams and a logic board which allows you to take 24V DC off the terminals for the accessories of your choosing.

Belt or Chain Drive
SDO-3 gives you the option of Chain Drive or Belt Drive. Use the chain on those doors that require additional strength to drive them. Use the the Belt for the ultimate in quiet operation. Both drives have a unique locking system for those times the door needs to be manually operated.

Key Features

  • Great looking modern design and colour
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop
  • PE Beams (Optional)
  • Auto Close (When used with PE Beams)
  • All functions are electronically adjustable
  • Electronic door reading ability
  • Installer can override factory default settings to adjust for your door
  • Easy LED set up.


  • Hand Transmitters (remotes)
  • Wireless keypads
  • Wireless Wall Switches
  • Universal Receivers
  • Photo Electric Beams (PE Beams)

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