Roller Door Opener RDO-2

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Push a button. Drive in. Safe at last. You are home.

Superlift RDO-2 is a 2-piece rolling door operator. Its power head differs to RDO-1 because it has concealed motor compartment. It is suitable for Australian type rolling doors that require left-hand or right-hand, outer or inner installations. It is equipped with a powerful and quiet 24V 60W DC motor. It comes in any voltages required by different markets and is also available as a battery-powered unit for regions with frequent power cuts.

Input Voltages

Transformer Powered – 115V 50Hz to 60Hz
Transformer Powered – 220~240V 50Hz to 60Hz
Transformer Powered – Dual 115V / 220~240V 50Hz to 60Hz
Battery Powered – 115V 50Hz to 60Hz
Battery Powered – 220~240V 50Hz to 60Hz
Operational Voltages: 24V DC

Main Markets

Europe (UK), Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East


Domestic Rolling Doors of up to 12 sq.m.

  • Slow Start
  • Obstruction Reverse / Stop
  • Automatic or Manual Emergency Release Mechanism
  • Battery-powered products are inherently carrying power-down backup
  • Can be connected to Wall Switch
  • Can be connected to Safety Beams
  • Can be connected to Universal Receiver (momentary contact type)

Special Features

  • Batteries as a Primary Source of Energy (patented)

Supplying & Servicing Australia-Wide