Roller Door Opener RDO-1

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Push a button. Drive in. Safe at last. You are home.

It’s dark, raining, windy and cold. Press the button on your 2 or 4 button remote, enter your lit garage and close the door. It’s a great feeling to be dry, safe and secure.

Soon you will take this luxury for granted. But the need will always be there to improve your life, protect your family, year after year.

  • Powerful, Quiet DC Motor
    Ultra silent DC motor and drive will lift your roll up door both quietly and with ease. The motor is guaranteed for 24 month from installation.
  • Fitted for Safety
    The motor is fitted onto the drive rail and has no visual moving parts. Many motors have dangerous drive down mechanics on the sides of the door.
  • Minimum Side Room
    The motor can be fitted in extremely narrow opening due to compact design of the unit.
  • Light your Way
    The light comes on as soon as the door is activated and stays on for two minutes permitting you to enter your property safely.
  • Limits and Safety Force
    The limits and safety force are easy to adjust with an Allan key. This ensures correct opening and closing travel.

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